Confessions of a Former HamburgerJunkie

I just tried and failed at embedding a video for the Fall 2007 Fashion Highlights….speaking of Fashion, It seems to be in fashion right now to work with Tarots. I have been using tarots for the better part of 16 years, and still I find new things within them every day. The 4’s seem to be popping up alot as of late in my readings. I understand they are connected to the 4 elements of earth, air, water, fire (pentagrams, swords, cups and wands) what I just learned actually from reading
78 Notes to Self blog is that the 4’s mean that you are in the middle of something of substance. You have come past the planting stage of things and are ready to relax and enjoy, or rethink things. I also just found out today that Jupiter is going retro for the next few months, and that there will be blockages galore ahead, but when it returns to a direct phase in Aug. there will be benifits from this forced blockage.

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