Confessions of a Former HamburgerJunkie

{February 15, 2007}   Torn between light and dark

I am curious. Anyone who is into the occult/wicca/pagan who might shed some light onto this for me. My friend calls herself a White Wiccan. She is all about magick without harming anyone. I see her point of view. My close male friend calls himself an Occultist. He doesn’t understand how one can be using magick without it somehow harming someone wither it be on purpose or not. I see his point of view. I see his point of view stronger then I see her’s. Is there a real defining line between Wiccan and Occultist? How can being a Pagan be light or dark? It is what it is. You chose to work with/against nature when you chose to use magick. He pointed out that most Wiccans would never dare to trust the Necronomicon the way an Occultist would. My female friend also talks about the empowerment of the Goddess when she talks about Wicca. She doesn’t believe in love/lust spells. She doesn’t agree with the use of spells for one’s own gain. But my male friend points out that even when you do a working for someone else, you are doing for yourself as well because you care enough about the person to feel the need to help. Therefore you are gaining something out of it, their wellbeing. Anyone who comes across this blog today, I would be interested in your point of view on the topic.

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