Confessions of a Former HamburgerJunkie

{February 7, 2007}   AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Ranting

Where do some people get off?
I have joined a few groups on yahoo, and most of them don’t ask for an introduction but I decided to introduce myself in one because of the respect I have for one of the main members. No sooner did I then some small self-serving louse attacked me as being a spammer. If they had bothered to look at the websites I had in my intro they would have seen I am anything but. And yes I did check into them, not a website, or link or pic or anything…Ironic isn’t it? To top it all off they seem to have more nonsense posts unrelated to group topics then anyone else. Okay ranting done for the day back to your regular scheduled blogs. banner8.jpg

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