Confessions of a Former HamburgerJunkie

{January 12, 2007}   Temperance

I just got a new deck of tarots, The Vampire Tarot by Nathalie Hertz, and the second I opened them the Temperance card fell out of the deck. The odd thing about this whole situation is at first glance this deck didn’t grab me. I had been looking for a new deck online and this one kept popping up on every site I looked on. The cover art for the box just didn’t seem to jump out and slap me, but I took it as a sign to order it on the simple fact it was everywhere. Anyone who knows me knows I am a vampiricjunkie. So it seems almost natural I would get this deck. Question is why did I wait so long? The Temperance card in this deck is of a redhaired woman dressed in black leather pants and tattooed. She is pouring blood from one cup to another. The mean is =harmoney, serenity, fulfillment, sympathy, sweetness, true friendship, good news, a happy transformation. The Revised meaning is= unfocused thought, lack of modesty, incomprehension, instability, and lack of communication.
One of my best friends came over the other night and had me do her cards. She doesn’t believe in the occult at all, but thought the cards looked cool. She went through the entire deck pointing out which ones she thought looked like a rock star or old heavy metal album cover. I had to admit, I was right along with her on some of them. Maybe that is why in the end this deck really did grab me. It spoke to the rock n roll side of me, not just the vampiricside. When she got to the Temperance card she agreed that it suited me to a tee, not just the meaning but the look of her. Sometimes you don’t go to something it comes to you, and sometimes you need to come full circle. What we end up doing for the rest of the evening? Listened to old Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper


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