Confessions of a Former HamburgerJunkie

{December 5, 2006}   Old Posts from my Yahoo 360 page (part 4)

Entry for December 03, 2006
Well, it was something I have been dreading for years, but I needed to come clean with my mom about my life. I have been an occultist (pagan, witch, spellworker, wiccan whichever term you feel good with) for almost 20 years. Mom did not take it well.
At first she was afraid I was going to tell her I was pregnant or into chicks or something but when I told her that I am an occultist she broke down crying. (she was very relieved to find out I am straight but right away started with “when will you give me a grandchild then?” and “why can’t you find a husband?”)
So her way of dealing with it is to make really bad jokes about it. Everytime now when we talk she will say stuff like “Oh they better not piss you off, cause you’re a witch, put a hex on them” which is not feeling the greatest, but I suppose it’s her way of dealing with it.
Blessed it Be!


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