Confessions of a Former HamburgerJunkie

{December 5, 2006}   Old Posts from my Yahoo 360 page (part 1)

Entry for July 17, 2006
So I have come now to my crossroads where I am saying, I want more! I hate, just hate the city I am in. Its the same city I have lived my whole life. Eventhough I have a diploma from college 10 years ago, the area I took doesnt really exist anymore, and have been outright laughed at for the college I went to. Was told a few years ago that the only thing that diploma is good for is maybe getting me past the entrence exam without having to take it. Great, thanks alot for the info. I dont really know what I want to do with the remainder of my life, other then I want to have a family of my own, and a house. So have been looking into university courses. There are three schools that I am considering applying to for the 2007 or 2008 fall. One in Montreal, one in Edmonton, and one in Vancouver. They all offer the same course -all listed under different names go figure- but the one in Vancouver also offers a second course that I wouldnt mind taking. Just not too sure how I feel about Vancouver. I have to ask myself why go back to school? My answers seem almost mundane. 1) It seems to be the thing one is suppose to do when trying to change one’s life. 2) It seems like an easy way to get out of this city, giving me a reason and location. 3) This time I would take a course that would lead to something more then just a diploma. 4) I would meet new fresh people . So that is where my turn has taken me on my path at the moment, and I am guessing its something I should be strongly considering, otherwise I wouldnt have come back to the thought so much in the last few months.


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